QESCO Online Bill: Complete Guide

QESCO stands for Quetta electric supply company. It was a part of the 8 AEBs. The AEB Quetta was reorganized into QESCO in 1988 under the industrial ordinance. The main aim of QESCO is to divide and distribute the power resources among the areas under its jurisdiction. It works under the main lead of WAPDA. The state government of Pakistan is taking steps to modernize these authorities. The introduction of an online system in these authorities is a step of it. The QESCO online bill service is a part of their customer care. The customer can have access to online QESCO bill online. They can download and print it. They can even pay the bill online.

QESCO Online Bill

The best part of introducing the online system in QESCO is to avail QESCO online bill service. One can check the online bill anywhere. To check the QESCO bill online, the customer should know his reference number. A reference number is written on the hard copy of the bill that the QESCO regional office dispatches monthly. Moreover, if a person does not remember his reference number and does not have the latest bill copy, he can check his reference number from the copies of the previous bill.

To check the bill online, one must have a smartphone (any model), a laptop, or an iPad. The consumer must have access to the internet because, without the internet, one cannot check the QESCO  online bill.

To check the QESCO online bill; the following steps should be followed:

  • Open the browser
  • Type QESCO Online bill view in the search bar
  • Many links will appear
  • Select Qesco.pk
  • That website will ask for the reference number
  • Write the exact reference number that is already written on the hardcopy of the bill.
  • Press the search key
  • The online bill will appear on the screen
  • Proceed to check it.

QESCO Duplicate Bill

The QESCO duplicate bill is the copy of the original bill of the customer.  Usually, people keep the record of the paid copies of their bills for different purposes. These records will come in handy if someone wants proof of the paid bills. If any of the bills are misplaced, it could create a problem for the customer. No need to worry about that because now the customers can download the QESCO duplicate bill on their devices. To download the QESCO duplicate bill online, follow the given steps

  • Visit Qesco.pk
  • Check the QESCO online bill
  • Click on the image of duplicate bill and press the option of full view
  • Press the three dots present on the top right corner of the screen
  • Select the option of QESCO bill download
  • Proceed to download the bill
  • The duplicate bill will appear on your device

Well, this is not only it. QESCO also provides the service of duplicate bill printing. It is such a good service. The people out of their houses or who have strict working hours have not to worry about paying the bills on time. They can download the QESCO bill anywhere and pay the bill in the nearby bank.

You can print the recent bills; instead, you can also view the previous duplicate bills and print them out. This service comes in handy for many students as well. Different scholarship programs for students in Pakistan, like EHSAAS Scholarship, demand the students to attach bills of the previous six months. Students search the duplicate bills and easily print them out. Some job CVs also demand copies of the QESCO electricity bill.

To print the QESCO duplicate bill, follow the given steps

  • Visit Qesco.pk
  • Check the duplicate bill of QESCO
  • Click the option of preview
  • Click the three dots on the top right corner of the screen
  • Select the option of print
  • Connect the printer to your device via cable or Bluetooth
  • Print out the duplicate bill

If the customer does not have an internet connection at his residency. He can follow the given method to get the duplicate bill print

  • Visit an internet café or photocopy shop
  • Search your QESCO bill online over there
  • Download the bill
  • Proceed to take the printout
QESCO Online Bill

QESCO Bill Calculator

Many online websites, including many websites, including the QESCO official website, the tool like QESCO bill calculator. It is the tool that calculates the online electricity bill. Some people get confused while using that tool because they don’t know about the terms used in that tool of QESCO bill calculator. To make it easy for those people, those terms are explained below:

1. Type of Connection:

One should know his type of connection. That could be domestic, agricultural, or commercial. The tariff rates apply according to the type of connection. The different types of connection in QESCO  are:

  • The tariff A1(03)  is domestic
  • The tariff A1(01) is domestic
  • The tariff A2(04) is commercial
  • The tariff A2c(06)T is commercial
  • The tariff B1(07) is industrial
  • The tariff B1(08) is industrial
  • The tariff B1b(09)T is industrial
  • The tariff B2a(10) is industrial
  • The tariff B2a(11) is industrial
  • The tariff B2b(12)t is industrial

According to the general tariff of Pakistan, the unit rates in different sectors respectively are:

A-1 residential 
For sanctioned load less than 5kW 
Up to 50 unitsRs 3.95
First 100 unitsRs 7.74
101-200 unitsRs 10.06
201-300 unitsRs 12.15
For a sanctioned load of 5kW and above 
PeakRs 22.65
Off-peakRs 16.33

QESCO Commercial unit rate is given as:

A-2 Commercial 
For sanctioned load less than 5kWRs 19.95
For sanctioned load up to 5Kw and above 
PeakRs 23.55
Off-peakRs 17.58

QESCO  general services units rates are given as:

A-3 General Services 
General servicesRs 19.51
2. Phase Type

The customer should know that what type of phase connection he has applied for. There are two types of phase connections.

  • Single-phase connection: The type of connection where the consumer receives the electricity by one live wire only. A house with a limited number of appliances like television, ac, fans easily runs on a single-phase connection. A Single-phase connection can carry a specific amount of load. The electricity bill of a single-phase connection is also low as compared to the three-phase connection.
  • Three-phase connection: A three-phase connection means that the customer is receiving electricity from three live wires. People who have a greater number of heavy appliances in their house always opt for a three-phase connection. A three-phase connection can bear the heavy electricity load. The electricity bill of a three-phase connection is usually more than the single-phase connection.
3. Units Consumed
  • Units Consumed: To calculate the bill on the calculator, you must insert the number of units used. You can insert them in the following patterns:
  • KWH: It stands for Kilowatt Hour. 1KWH tells that a thousand watts are consumed in an hour.
  • KVARH: It stands for Kilo Volt Ampere Reactive hours. A KVARH has a thousand volts ampere reactive hour.
  • MDI: It stands for Maximum Demand Indicator, and it stands for the maximum amount of power used during an average measure of time.
4. Unit Field
  • It includes the QESCO peak and off-peak hours.
  • QESCO Peak Hours: QESCO peak hours include the time of the day when the demand for electricity increases. Due to the increased demand, the rate per unit also increases.
  • QESCO Off-Peak Hours: QESCO off-peak hours include all that time when the demand for electricity falls. This results in lowering the rate per unit.
5. Meter Rent
  • The distributors usually own the electricity meter. So if a customer is using the meter of a distributor, he has to pay some amount with the bill as the meter rent. The amount of meter rent applies according to the tariff, and usually, it is Rs 15.
6. Service Rent
  • The customer should know whether he has to pay a service rent or not. Moreover, if he knows he has to pay the service rent, he should also know the amount.
7. Arrears:
  • If a customer missed payments in the previous billing, like rents or mortgage, his account would be in arrears. He has to pay the due amount to relieve himself out of this condition.
8. No. of Television Sets
  • A customer should know the number of televisions in his house. There is a TV license fee as well. Customers living in the domestic sector will pay Rs 35 per TV, and customers living in the commercial sector will pay Rs 60 per TV.
9. Exemptions
  • One should always know about the following exemptions. If any exemption applies to you, do mention that.
  • Availability of STRN
  • Sales Tax for Retailers Exempt
  • GST exempt
  • E-Tax exempt
  • IT exempt
  • ED exempt
10. Duty on Electricity:
  • It is 1.5% on industrial and 1.5% on domestic.
  • Similarly 2% on commercial and bulk each
  • In agricultural 1% of variable charges
11. General Sales Tax: it includes 17% of the gross amount.
12. Bank Charges: The Minimum Amount is Rs. 8:

So now we know about all those technical terms related to the QESCO electricity bill. To calculate the QESCO bill, follow the given steps:

  • Visit Qesco.pk
  • Open the website and select the option of QESCO bill calculator
  • Select the type of connection
  • Select the phase-type
  • Enter the number of units consumed in a month
  • Enter the meter rent, service rent any arrears.
  • Press the button
  • The QESCO Bill Calculator will calculate your electricity bill.
QESCO Online Bill

QESCO Online Bill Payment

There are many ways through which a person can pay the QESCO bill online, and QESCO bill payment is possible through different types of apps and websites.

First of all, let’s talk about the apps that provide the service of bill payment online.

1. Jazz Cash App

Jazz cash is an app that was launched to help people in online transactions and payment of money. We can also pay the QESCO online bill through the jazz cash app. To do so, follow the given steps

  • Install the jazz cash app on your device smartphone.
  • Create an account
  • Set a pin code
  • Log in to the account
  • Select the option of the utility bill
  • Enter the name of the company
  • Select the option of add bill
  • Enter the reference number
  • Proceed to pay the bill
  • Wait till you receive the notification of a successful transaction

2. Easy Paisa App

To pay the bill through easy paisa, follow the given instructions

  • Create an EasyPaisa account.
  • Login to the account
  • Select the option of paying bill
  • Add the reference number
  • Proceed to pay the bill
  • Wait till you get the notification of the successful transaction

Whenever you download the jazz cash app, you should ensure that you do the app’s biometric verification. For this purpose, go to your nearby retailer and ask him to do the biometric verification of your accounts ot6yherwise, no transaction would take place from these accounts.

Banking Apps

Many banks have launched their banking apps to provide better customer service to their customers. These apps are of Meezan bank, HBL, ABL, JS bank. To use these apps, the customer should have an email id registered with the affiliated banks


To pay the bill via the HBL banking app, follow the given instructions.

  • Install HBL Banking app
  • Enter the Email ID
  • Enter the Phone number
  • Log in to the account
  • Click the option of electricity bill payment
  • Enter the name of the company
  • Enter the reference number
  • Proceed to pay the bill
  • After payment, the app will send you a notification of “Bill paid successfully” via email or SMS.

Meezan Banking App

To pay the bill via the Meezan banking app, follow the given instructions

  • Install the meezan banking app
  • Create your Meezan Bank App.
  • The app will send you the account password via email
  • Enter your account details
  • Select the option of bill payment
  • Enter the name of the company
  • Enter the reference number
  • Proceed to pay the bill
  • The app will send you a notification via email that you have paid the bill

Now let us talk about the QESCO bill payment method via online websites. Many websites include the official website of QESCO, through which the customer can pay the bill.

Banking Websites

Almost all the banks have their official banking websites to help their customers out in paying the bills. Let us discuss some of the official banking websites and how to pay the bill through their websites.


HBL stands for Habib Bank Limited. It is one of the most top-rated banks of Pakistan. To pay the electricity bill via the HBL banking website, follow the given instructions:

  • Search for HBL Official website.
  • Create your account
  • Click to the option of paying bills
  • Make your account
  • Enter the registered email id
  • Enter the code that the website will send you through the email
  • Log in to your account
  • Enter the name of the company
  • Enter your credit card number
  • Enter the reference number of the bill
  • Check the details of the bill
  • Proceed to pay the bill
  • The website will send you a confirmation message via email


UBL stands for United Bank Limited. The official website of this bank allows a customer to pay the bill via credit card or debit card. To pay the via banking website of UBL, follow the given steps

  • Visit the official website of UBL.
  • Create an account.
  • Enter your registered email address
  • Address the account number
  • The website will send you the code for the account via email
  • Enter the code
  • Log in to the account
  • Click at the option of bill payment
  • Enter the name of the company (QESCO)
  • Enter the credit card number
  • Enter the reference number
  • Proceed to pay the bill
  • You will receive the notification for the paid bill through email


MCB bank allows the customer to pay the bill via a debit card as well. To pay the bills via bank MCB bank official website, follow the given steps

  • Visit MCB official website.
  • Create your account by entering your email ID and CNIC number.
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on the option of bill payment
  • Enter the credit card details
  • Enter the bank account details
  • Enter the reference number
  • Check the details of your QESCO online bill
  • Proceed to pay the bill
  • You will receive the confirmation email in a while

By Retailer

Customers can also pay the online bill through the retailer. to do so, follow the given steps:

  • Take the original copy or print of your duplicate bill with the due amount to a nearby retailer.
  • Give him your phone number.
  • The retailer will pay the bill.
  • Give the due amount to the retailer.
  • You will receive a message of a successful transaction through your SMS.

By Jazz Cash Account

Customers who have a jazz cash account can also pay the bill. To   do so, follow the given steps

  • Dial*786 from your mobile
  • Enter the details of your jazz cash account
  • Select the company
  • Enter the reference number
  • Proceed to pay the bill
  • Wait till you receive a notification of “bill paid.”

Manual Method of Paying Bill

We have discussed the online methods a lot. Let’s give you an overview of how people used to pay their electricity bills. This method is still functional but a bit hectic and time-consuming. Without further ado, let’s see how to pay the electricity bill in this way

  • Take the hard copy of the original QESCO bill to the bank
  • Stand in the line in front of the window in which the staff is paying the bills
  • Deposit the amount on your turn
  • The checker will stamp your bill copy
  • Bring that paid stamped copy back with you

QESCO Online Complaint

QESCO has its official Gmail account on which the customers can submit an online complaint. The customer can also submit the complaint via the official website of QESCO. There is a department for the complaints in QESCO, and one can contact them through their phone number. The complaint number of QESCO is 081-9201445.


QESCO online bill service is making the lives of customers easier than before. The customer can easily check and download the online QESCO bill no matter where he is. The different modes of payment of the QESCO online bill service is the biggest step in making the payment method less hectic and time-consuming.

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